Created Reality

In philosophy, ontic is physical, real, or factual existence (from the Greek ὄντος: “of that which is”).

The word “Virtual” to many means “nearly”. That electric car is virtually silent. Here though, we use the word “Virtual” as in software, to mean something more flexible than ontology.

Virtual Reality.

Virtual Ontology is thus the art of making the unreal, real.


Virtual Reality

  • Strategy
  • Consulting / Staff augmentation
  • WebVR / Web XR
  • React 360
  • A-Frame
  • Unity
  • VR UI

Augmented Reality

  • Indoor Navigation
  • WebAR browsers
  • Vuforia
  • Wikitude


  • Published Author, on React360 (React VR)
  • Conference speaking
  • Education
  • Mentoring

VR is now Easy(er)

Elaine Ash, Bestseller

At last, a tech-book written with verve and flair!!! John Gwinner’s considerable experience with online communications shines through as he avoids geek-speak and keeps explanations well-grounded for average readers. The book takes nothing for granted and starts off with a clear and concise explanation of virtual reality today, then unlocks the secrets to creating your own VR site and more. Creators will be itching to get started once they see this reader-friendly information, laid out with pictures and explanations. The equipment needed is fairly simple and low-cost as well. The chapters are logical, clear, never staid or boring–Gwinner has a writing voice and style all his own. If you have an interest in VR, or know someone who does, this book is the real deal.